It came from another tarot draw, this time a singular one – What’s my guiding principle for 2014?  The card, not the first time I’ve drawn it in response to similar questions: Shaman of Swords.

From the book:

Let what you see and feel be said; don’t hold back what you know to be true. Through the emergence of your insights, fired by the passion of your heart, you have the power to transform reality.

This is a comfortable message for me, one that affirms that I am on the right path. Last year (see CULTIVATE) I managed to extricate myself from a series of unhealthy relationships in which I felt obligated to constantly prove my own worthiness.  I allowed my own voice to be taken hostage. Having paid that ransom, I’m ready to get back to speaking from my own sense of truth rather than allowing my words to be herded like sheep.

Look out reality.

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