Awareness Enrichment, #1 (why are my groceries pink?)

The first in an October series.

Today’s topic:  Why are all my groceries pink in October?

In 1985, the American Cancer Society and  Imperial Chemical Industries, a pharmaceutical company now known as AstraZeneca launched National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). AstraZeneca makes some of the most widely used drugs used to treat breast cancer, like Tamoxifen, which has been a standard of care for breast cancer since the early 1980s.  The original intent of the month was to increase knowledge about mammography as a weapon to fight breast cancer.

SW_12DR_KOMEN_V6Of course, mammography can’t prevent cancer, it can only detect cancer that already exists, and how well it does that is a matter for debate.  And 75% of all breast cancers are fueled by hormones which, coincidentally, Tamoxifen suppresses.  

How we got a pink ribbon is the subject of a later Awareness Enrichment post, but once it became a well known logo for breast cancer, corporations worldwide embraced NBCAM for an opportunity to link themselves with the cause of fighting breast cancer.

You’re probably familiar with the phrase that begins with “A portion of the purchase price benefits…”  We will decode that later this month too.  Basically, if you purchase the product with a pink ribbon, the seller will donate money to a breast cancer-related charity.

How much and what that charity does with your money will be discussed this month.  As will the effectiveness of our status quo.

Strap on your seat belts!  Grab your Pepto!  It’s going to be a wild month.

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