Awareness Enrichment, #6 (Pantene + WalMart)

Here’s a weird one.  I clipped it from a pack of coupons a few weeks ago.  Granted, it’s not a breast cancer campaign per se, but its graphics are certainly evocative of the pink ribbons.  And the campaign ends Oct 31, the same day National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ends.


Ok, this one is a partnership between Pantene (P&G, also headquartered in our fair Queen City) and WalMart.

It says that if you purchase Pantene Products at WalMart AND go to a salon of your choice AND have an 8 inch ponytail cut off your head AND you mail in said ponytail, your salon receipt, and your WalMart receipt THEN you will receive a $30 gift card that can be used for more salon services.

I know it’s a little hard to read, so I went to their website.  I wanted to dig into the terms and conditions for you, but I saw this line on the front page of the site:

Beautiful Lengths does more than help women fighting cancer recieive real-hair wigs–it helps them to feel beautiful again.

Yes, it really does say “recieive”

pony up2


Beyond that, “helps them feel beautiful again” made me want to scream.  I will take up the question of why cancer patients need to be pretty later this month.

So, if you are considering participating, you’ll have to dig into the terms and conditions yourself.