Awareness Enrichment, #7 (Yoplait)

Yoplait has long been one of our favorite punching bags in this whole breast cancer marketing extravaganza.

In fact, Breast Cancer Action launched a campaign in 2008 called Put A Lid On It in which they joined with other organizations to pressure General Mills to stop using milk that contained rGBH.  While Yoplait ran their breast cancer fundraising campaign for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation, they were using milk that contained a product linked to breast cancer.  That is the very definition of pinkwashing.

Their campaign worked and their yogurt is now free of rGBH.

But that’s not the end of the story.


Every October, Yoplait has run a program – for every Yoplait lid you collect, rinse and mail into Yoplait, they will donate 10 cents to Komen.***

So if you eat one Yoplait Yogurt every day in October, rinse and dry the lids, and mail them in, you will have raised $3.10. *** ^^^

Assuming you spend $1 per yogurt, you will have spent $31.00.  Plus the cost of the envelope and the postage and the time you spent working on this project.

*** Subject to these terms and conditions.



The donation maxes out at $1.5 million.  There are other special campaigns too that count toward the maximum donation but have their own deadlines and maximum donations.  Got that?

^^^ What portion of your $3.10 actually goes to Komen’s programming, as opposed to their fundraising and other administrative expenses will be addressed later this month.  How much of Komen’s programming expenses contribute toward “saving lives” is also a matter of debate.

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