Awareness Enrichment, #8 (impact of pink ribbon Doritos)

Corporations have been marketing their pink ribbon items in October for decades now.

Here’s the secret:

If you could cure breast cancer by buying Doritos with pink ribbons, breast cancer would have been cured by now.  

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2 thoughts on “Awareness Enrichment, #8 (impact of pink ribbon Doritos)”

  1. I applaud you exposing these greedy corporations whose shame knows no boundaries, exploiting a cause only to make money. What I’m expecting to see from you this month is how the NFL has jumped on this bandwagon for YEARS now. How in the HELL does breast cancer affect MEN? If anything TESTICULAR cancer should be something they should be supporting but the only time you hear about that is when the news mentions Lance Armstrong’s cheatin’ ass (and if the reports are true that he was taking PEDs–or steroids as most know them by–then the answer is simple: DON’T TAKE STEROIDS!!!!!!), but then again there’s NO MONEY in testicular cancer let alone any other cancer out there the way I see it. You go to the NFL website and the 1st thing you see up top is a freakin’ pink ribbon behind the logo:

    and of course they got the pink gloves and shoes and other stuff on the uniforms if you see the games not to mention for sale this month:

    someone on Facebook mentioned something that made alot of sense: if the NFL cared THIS MUCH about the cause then why don’t the personnel, from the players and coaches all the way up the ladder to the commissioner, donate 5-10% of their ridiculous earnings to breast cancer awareness and a cure? It’s been a known fact that Bret Farve’s wife is a breast cancer survivor. Hustling people to spend money on pink gear and parading breast cancer patients and survivors in front of the camera in every game doesn’t cut it.

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