Bolster and Reinforce

If there’s anyone out there who still thinks that race isn’t an issue, I can only say you need to look within. And if you haven’t seen the President’s informal remarks on the issue from last Friday, please watch this. Not on the edge of your seat waiting to find A-HA! the one or two words you’d like to crucify him over, not with a destructive cynicism, but with an open heart, soft eyes, and a willingness to budge.

Or you can go here to read the transcript.

Once you’re finished, consider this powerful essay from Frank Deford on NPR’s Morning Edition today. He’s long been a critic of the NCAA for the exploitation of athletes. Here, he takes up the President’s call to consider ways we can bolster and reinforce black males in our community.  Here’s an excerpt.

Indeed, the way it works is that most black athletes are shamelessly exploited by our colleges. The general model is that football and basketball are the so-called revenue sports that pay the bills for whole athletic departments. The players –– so many of them African-American and often impoverished –– do not, of course, share in the revenue they have earned. Instead, the money made by the football and basketball teams funds the scholarships of athletes and the salaries of coaches in other sports. And, of course, most of those beneficiaries are white.


Thought-provoking, to say the least.