A few years ago, I read a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Her words helped me frame out some of my own nebulous ideas, none more so than her concept of Crazymakers. The name pretty much says it all – people who bring chaos into your life. As much as I have found crazymakers and crazymaking appealing in the past, I’ve leaned that life alone can leave you wondering which way is up. I need people I can count on. Why spend time with people who can turn a calm lake into a wave pool; choppy waters into a tsunami?

As the saying goes, the personal is the political.

There is something very wrong with our country.

I noticed an uptick in collective madness when Obama was elected. People still claim he is a gay Kenyan Muslim who hates the United States. In 2008, I called it the Death Rattle, firmly believing that ugly ideas like racism, classism, and this insipid American idea that we are products of our own bootstraps were expressing their final gasp.

I think I might have been premature. Now I think this is a two men out in the bottom of the 9th situation. When you’re down and nearly out, you take risks you might not otherwise take. As in, Go Big or Go Home.

Hence, Donald Trump.

I’m not going to try to make sense of yesterday’s crazy crazymaking because that’s how crazymakers suck you in. But here is some work others have done.

Smart people believe that Trump’s slim margin of victory in three swing states can be attributed to Comey’s actions during the election season. Now, for these same actions that Campaigning Trump and Senator Sessions used to praise, President Trump has fired Comey, in a terribly unprofessional way. Could it be that he’s trying to shut down the FBI investigation into Russian election tampering? If not, why fire him now for actions taken almost a year ago, when Comey is knee-deep in this work?

And then, in perfect crazymaking form, Trump tries to twist it around this morning, saying that HRC supporters should be happy since they didn’t like how he handled the Clinton email situation anyway.

Mr. President, it is absolutely possible for a person to believe that Comey should have been fired AND question your timing and method. Lots of people reject the “ends justify the means” philosophy of ethics.

Adding to the crazy tornado is the way the alternate universe spins this – as a punishment for NOT prosecuting HRC, even though the memo says something entirely different. In fact, this firing, we are supposed to believe, is about the mistreatment of HRC.

Crazymaking might work temporarily to keep North Korea on it’s best behavior but it also directly contradicts the notion that in the United States, laws matter more than any single person.

I think we’re in the wave pool, heading straight into the tsunami. I told my son today that I feel we’re at some sort of turning point. In the muck of it all it’s impossible to know which way this is heading but I have a pit in my stomach.

Will our elected leaders have the guts to put the long-term health of the country before the possibility of short-term gains by the party?

I’m afraid they don’t do anything unless their jobs are at stake. That sort of pressure is up to me and you.