A vigilante stalked a black kid, even after the authorities told him not to. Unarmed kid fought back and the cowboy killed him.  And our justice system says he’s not guilty.

Because apparently walking in a nice neighborhood as a black teen is an offense punishable by death. Apparently you can get out a beating of your own creation by murder.  And apparently stand your ground laws don’t apply to unarmed kids.

I ask you this — pretend you’re the parent of an African American boy. What do you tell him?

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2 thoughts on “Disgusted”

  1. I am the parent of an African-American young man (he’ll be 20 next month). This has been hard to talk/think about – but I’ve taken a little bit of extra time going over the “rules” (and every parent of a Black child knows what I’m talking about): where to keep your hands when stopped by the police while driving, what not to say/wear when heading to an unfamiliar place, etc. Both he and I are martial artists and have discussed the “what you should do” in a similar situation scenario over and over. It’s exhausting and extremely frightening that we have to add the “how to wear your hoodie when walking from the store” rule to the mix, but…

    1. Felicia,

      Thanks for commenting. It makes me sad, angry, and ashamed that your son faces such a menacing reality. I don’t know how we can go on telling ourselves we are equal in this country when anyone has to advise their son on how to wear a hoodie to avoid being shot. We are so far from the “content of their character” dream.


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