Ducks, Not Monkeys

Week two was a special one. Not just because Saturday was my son’s half-birthday (he made me say that), also because it was my husband’s 50th.

As a side note, I remember celebrating his 26th with him. You put one foot in front of the other and the next thing you know almost a quarter of a century has passed. More on that another time.

We are experiencing weather that is more like mid-August than mid-June. 90s, humid as all get out, everything is sticky, we love Southern Ohio.

The second house we lived in as a family was in an almost suburban but really still rural part of the state. A few years ago, we moved out – a few miles down the state route and a world away. Our old home base hasn’t grown as quickly as I’d hoped it would, mostly because there isn’t much of a tax base. But they did start a park district, so we decided to visit their inaugural offering.

The park had a playground and a shelter made out of an old barn. Cute.  There was a small gazebo too. We drove to the back to find the memorial garden and when we could drive no more, we decided to hike (and sweat). Strangely, there were a lot of people camping there, so we weren’t sure if we were allowed to be there or not. We could see a river through the woods but weren’t comfortable enough around the unmarked campground to explore.

So we left.

I’m sure the park will develop over the years, but it wasn’t much more than an open, confusing space. I didn’t take pictures because I was trying to figure out if we were in the right place.

BUT… we had a surprise for the husband-figure.

The Real Thing. Source

We went down to Ohio River and participated in a touristy event called Ride The Ducks. Based on WWII technology, this vehicle can drive on land and boat on the water.

2015-06-13 16.08.50
Not quite storming Normandy.





They have them all over the world – you take a ride through the streets, then you drive into the water for a bit, then drive around on the streets a little more.

There’s a tour guide who gives some history lessons. Despite having a mind filled with trivia, I learned a few things, li2015-06-13 15.55.48ke how everyone was afraid of the Roebling Suspension Bridge so he hired PT Barnum to march elephants across it to prove its sturdiness.

There were quackers.

We did the chicken dance.

We quacked along to the Village People’s YMCA to people at the bus stop.

502015-06-13 17.44.53





We had a nice dinner.




We visited a mustache.




Not entirely what I had had in mind when I set up the park plan, but it was a fun and memorable way to help my husband ring in 50 and, of course, for my son ring in 13 and a half. Next week I hope to get back to the monkey bars.

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