Dystopian Accounting

There’s a pretty simple concept at the root of our standard accounting system – Double Entry Accounting.

Stick with me.

It means that debits have to equal credits. We learn those in school visually by using T-accounts. So, for example, if I spend $20 on lunch at McDonalds, we would record that on our books as a debit (DR) to a meal expense account and a credit (CR) to cash. It would look like this:


Monitoring and participating in discussions about the Zimmerman verdict in the last week, I keep hearing ridiculous comparisons/deflections/obfuscations.

What about OJ? He was acquitted from murdering two white people? One person even said it — Now we’re even.  So here’s the T-account.


Or I read this one. Why are we making such a big deal about this one case while black kids kill each other all the time in Chicago? Why isn’t the president talking about this? After all, it is his home town. This argument almost always uses the phrase “black on black crime.”  I suppose these people are looking for something to add to the DR side of this equation, to their entry balance.


Here is the problem with these T-accounts.

1) OJ Simpson’s murder trial has nothing to do with George Zimmerman’s murder trial.

2) The violence in Chicago has nothing to do with the George Zimmerman murder trial.


One topic at a time.

If you can’t talk about the Zimmerman trial without trying to deflect attention toward something entirely unrelated, I challenge you to ask yourself why.  Otherwise, your T-account might as well be:



Meaningless and bound to make you look at least a little foolish.

2 thoughts on “Dystopian Accounting”

  1. GOD I’m sick of hearing about that damn OJ shit. First of he’s already in prison for a crime he DID commit so folks need to let that go. Second, a serial killer called Glen Rogers “the Cross-Country Killer”, admitted to killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman last Nov. Around the time those murders happened he killed a women in Van Nuys and set the truck on fire that she was in so there is some weight to his confession, plus who would admit to a crime like that, including a white guy who killed about 2 dozen people?

    Thirdly, white folks screaming about black-on-black crime needs to shut the HELL up. The key words there are “BLACK ON BLACK”, meaning white people are least likely to be killed or hurt by a black person like I might. I mean do they live in the projects? Do they hang out with thugs and hustlers? Seriously though, they have no room to talk about anything like that when it doesn’t affect them, just more bullshit to hold over anyone that’s non-white (like these assholes keep doing with Latinos by calling them ‘illegal aliens’ and getting mad when a Mexican-American kid/Puerto Rican-American catante (singer) croons the Nat’l Anthem at sports events.

    Is this the dream Martin Luther King envisioned when he was alive? Because this is resembling a nightmare more than anything. White supremacy is at a all=time high in this country to the point that even Europeans are treated with disdain and suspicion. Did you hear about the young European diplomat couple who were treated like criminals in a White Plains (how appropriate of a name, by the way) country club just because of the mother breastfeeding her baby? The sheriff came in there with guns blazing ready to shoot to kill like he’s John Freakin’ Wayne or some shit talking about they’re scared they could be terrorists because they had “a black backpack”. Now having a black bookbag is cause for suspicion and fear in this country. If that’s the case I have even MORE REASON to be afraid being a black male with a black bookbag who owns a few black hoodies. I tell people all the time nothing scares white people more in Amerikkka than a black man with a hoodie, no matter WHAT the climate or conditions. It rained that night Trayvon was murdered but nobody cared about that–in their eyes he was a nigga with a hoodie who was up to no good or has been.

    Personally I’m getting so burned out on this stupid shit in this country I’m ready to move when I have enough money. White Americans have made it clear that not even Native American Indians can claim this as their nation seeing that their ancestors stole it from them centuries ago. That’s why you have AMERICANS and then Afro-Americans, Asian-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and so forth. We didn’t make up those labels for ourselves nor do we segregate ourselves from people, guess who does? All you need to do is travel here and take a look around, you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean and am talking about.

    Sorry about the rant, I had to get that off my chest. You do know this verbal magma wasn’t directed towards you right?;)

    1. I know, Boot Cheese 3000. I’m proud you came to visit me here. And totally psyched to type Boot Cheese 3000.

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