Friday the 13th

Journaling today, I ruminated on why Friday the 13th is deemed unlucky.

My theory is that it is tied to the number 13 and women. Thirteen was considered a feminine, sacred number because there are thirteen lunar and menstrual cycles in a year. Of course the waxing/waning cycle of a woman’s body carries the ultimate alchemistic power to create life, a cycle that can be neither controlled nor duplicated by men.

To grab and maintain power, patriarchs had to discredit and vilify the sacred feminine. Hence we have ugly, scary, pimply, green witches and have come to refer to our menstrual cycles as a curse.  Misogyny is a deliberate construct that reinforces the structure of the status quo.

Today, women have been successfully turned into either Madonnas or Whores so we are taught to fear  Muslims and young black men in hoodies.  Same objectives, new targets — these are people to be feared and you can trust me to protect you.  Give me your vote, your money, your allegiance; I’ll make sure that guy who definitely isn’t one of us keeps his foreign hands off your guns.  I know, we’ll call it “freedom.”

But I digress.   

Why Friday?  Why not Tuesday the 13th?  I took to a-googling.

Friday comes from an Old English term for Day of Frigg. What’s a Frigg? She was a major Old Norse goddess, the wife of Odin. The pantheon is different, but she is comparable to the goddess Venus, a name more familiar to many. You know, the goddess of love and fertility.

Bizarrely, “freedom” and “Friday” come from the same divine feminine root.

Ironically, given the remembrances this week, Tuesday, is named for Tiu, Germanic god of war and sky.

Just a little thought for your Friday about the way we internalize negative stereotypes and how over time they just become unchallenged and true.  While you’re hiding under your desk due to Friggatriskaidekaphobia, I’ll be enjoying this lovely cool day with my favorite black cat.


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3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. Hmmmmm………….very interesting.

    Another thing to think about: Sept 11, 2001 fell on a TUESDAY. Look it up. It sort of ties in with your theory about the Germanic God of War. I don’t need to look up the day it fell on because I remember that day distinctly.

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