Get thee back to October!

Snappie from my local Kohl’s:


2014-02-21 16.29.10

Wait!  Is it 1971?

Psst… Kohl’s… the shame barrier on breast cancer was broken decades ago.  The cone of breast cancer silence has long since been removed.  You can’t swing a dead cat in October without hitting a pink ribbon.  The cat is out of the bag.

How many more clichés will it take?

Something seems familiar about that pink elephant thing though, and it’s not just that the expression “seeing pink elephants” means being hopelessly drunk.

It’s coming to me…

Oh that’s right.  METAvivor’s 2012 campaign to bring awareness to the fact that despite metastatic breast cancer being responsible for virtually all breast cancer deaths, it only gets 5% of the funding.

What’s that I smell?  A little co-opting going on?

Read more about it at METAvivor.   

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