Help a gal out…

A couple of years ago, I wrote a three-part piece about Chris, a force of nature who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer about 11 1/2 years ago. No that’s not a typo “eleven and a half.” I am often asked still how she is doing, so I know it touched a lot of people.

As if her stats weren’t amazing enough, she is raising her grandchildren and the youngest has cerebral palsy. In order to remain the death-defying, butt-kicking grandma that she is, Chris has to have regular treatments that have a lot of side effects, making life a little more challenging for her than it is for us mere mortals.

If you could vote for her grandson Zane in this contest, Chris could win a handicapped accessible van that would make her life a lot easier. Please, vote every day so these well-deserving folks can win. Read all about it here.

Coincidentally, today is Zane’s 7th birthday.