Inspiration through Simplicity

Need some?  I do, as may be obvious by my extended absence.

Almost exactly a year ago, I profiled Joe Neyer, a young (by my standards) man who chose to stop traditional treatment last year for his brain tumor. His wisdom and eloquence are disarming. Today he posted another gem on facebook and gave me permission to share saying, “the words come and go with the wind, they are not mine, share all you like…”

The world needs this voice. I’m so grateful for access to all this peace and profundity. I hope you enjoy it too.


Joe Neyer

I sit now in an empty garage, with only my thoughts as company…time like this is essential for my well being, to be alone with the mirror of thought and allowing space to be seen for what it is…

Death is such a good friend, the snake biting its tail, unraveling the complexity we surround ourselves with. Just as a snake sheds its skin so we must as well if we wish to remain flexible and able to adapt to the ongoing changes life delivers to our doorsteps…

What a fascinating thing it is, the utter simplicity that underlies all the complexity, drama, surface details we surround it with. To feel oneself as that simplicity rather than caught in the extremities of thought is to know peace, not theoretically but in a visceral way, filling ones days with what is actually needed rather than what is sought, be it peace or heaven or a fat pocketbook. You see, that is hell, to seek to be something different than what we actually are, the conflict will always manifest in some fashion…heaven is the absence of this search that is based on comparison, a ‘value’ taught to us by the systems we use, by the churches we go to, by the media who tell us what is of worth and what is to be ignored.

Having, or rather taking, space for ourselves is an act of love that benefits the world. Vision allows more to be seen than what shows on the surface. If you are on the tail of a wide truck you lose vision and subsequently power. Give yourself some time today, and every day, to see what puts us in hell and that the kingdom of heaven is indeed within, in the absence of the hell we put ourselves through.

Oh, lol, i meant to write this letter to talk about Hospice, as we have made first contacts with the organization. I am slowing down more and more physically, and while i think there is a ways to go, one never really knows that, whether one has glioblastoma or no condition at all. For me the writing is much of the medicine i continue to take. I have an opportunity to be alone and let the words pour through me the same way the story of the trees once told me the story of the piece it would become. Thanks for letting me share it with you all…knock on any door, the buddha said, and the one opening it will suffer. This is the fact that is not to be escaped or we miss the simple joy of living itself.


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  1. Nice words of wisdom. It really reminds me of the material I’ve been reading an abundance of as of late. I’m planning my spiritual pilgrimage to the Amazon pretty soon (Aug if I have anything to do with it) for an Ayahuasca ceremony for about a week’s time. In the beginning this was for my rite of passage into shamanism, something I’ve been planning for over a decade. Fast forward 13-14 yrs later and it has become much much more than that.

    Thank you Katie and Joe for re/posting this, it came right on time, esp since I haven’t been here much in the past few months due to working alot. Hope you’re feeling better Kate, I’ll keep you in my prayers and thoughts, esp when I’m in Peru in a couple months.

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