Invisible Kids

I’m often asked to help promote something on this blog. As a general rule, I say no. But as that nonsensical adage goes, the exception proves the rule.

Holly Schlaack is a force of nature. She and I attended the same high school, although I am a little older. We met through mutual local friends and I realized how powerful she is in the wake of a tragedy that captivated the city’s attention. In 2006, a three-year-old foster care child, Marcus Fiesel, was reported missing by his foster mom. People turned out in droves to help find him but as the days passed, we were horrified to discover he had been murdered by his foster care parents.

Holly, an advocate for foster children, decided to write a book about the foster care system and the result is Invisible Kids Now she has taken it to the next level by starting an organization to change the system.

As a matter of full disclosure, we’ve had conversations this year about me helping with social media as a volunteer. This post is not part of that; I am sharing it because I believe in Holly and her work. Because of the conversations I’ve had with her, I can tell you that this woman has assembled a diverse and passionate group of volunteers. She is dedicated and will not be stopped.

Now they’ve launched an online fundraiser to fund three specific initiatives. Please take five minutes to watch this video and click here to read about the projects. If you can help or share, I know your assistance will be appreciated.