Letter to Senator Rob Portman

Feel free to use this as a template if you are stuck. This isn’t pretty, but I am somewhat crunched for time.


Sen Portman,

You and I have a mutual friend who tells me that you are one of the best fathers he has ever met. I’m a parent too and hope to appeal to you on that level.

In 2008, I underwent treatment for breast cancer at age 41. At the time, my kids were going into 3rd and 1st grade at St Columban and I was scared for lots of reasons. One was that my husband would lose his job and health insurance during the Great Recession. Luckily it didn’t happen, because I was uninsurable and medical bills would have ruined us.

Instead, my kids are in high school at MND and Moeller, I am still alive, and still covered under my husband’s health insurance.

Unfortunately, this year my children hit a health snag. They both were diagnosed with Celiac Disease (an auto immune disorder). My son had an acute health crisis this month – a massive blood clot brought on by a previously undiagnosed anatomical abnormality.

Please – don’t vote for the skinny repeal, which is just a veiled attempt to repeal the ACA. We need preexisting conditions included so my kids can have a safe and healthy future. As much as some complain, we need the mandate to spread the risk pool, as every other insurance product does. I know the ACA needs to be fixed and trust that can be done.

Thank you for you time and please stand strong against the pressure from bullies who only want a “win” instead of what’s best for this country.

1 thought on “Letter to Senator Rob Portman”

  1. Direct and to the point. Senator Portman needs to do the right thing for all US citizens, not just his political party! Frankly, in voting for repeal of ACA, he isn’t helping most citizens from his party.

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