Message to the NRA

I submitted this email to the NRA this morning.


Dear NRA,

After reading John Avalon’s “NRA’s enemies list: Most of America” that appeared on on Wednesday February 6, 2013, I studied the list that appears on your website (

I immediately noticed that neither Mr. Avalon nor CNN are on the list, so I thought I should bring that to your attention.  Is compiling the enemy list someone’s job?  Full time?  Is it done by a nominating committee?  Reviewed on a regular basis?  In the always-on world of cable news and the internet, keeping your information current is critical.

But that’s not my point.  I was I thinking about Mr. Avalon’s assertion that pretty much everyone is on the list.  Of course you’ve named the right’s favorite bogeypeople  – the Hollywood Elite –those the rest of us call actors.  But there’s more.  Television stars from the 1950s through today, artists, entertainers, interfaith organizations, nurses, pediatricians, women, lawyers, teachers, movie producers, and wives of movie producers.  There are African-Americans, Latinos, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, children’s advocacy groups, school psychologists, counties, drug stores, and, of all things, the American Firearms Association.

You have to admit, that’s a lot of finger-pointing.

It reminded I’m reminded of what Clarice Starling (played by enemy Jody Foster) said to Dr. Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins whose stance on gun control appears to be unknown, although he does advocate for Greenpeace so he just might be a liberal) in The Silence of the Lambs.  “You see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself?”

Then it dawned on me.  Along with my usual smugness, I’m feeling left out.  I’m certainly not a celebrity, but your national figure category is full of people I’ve never heard of, so maybe you have loose criteria.

So here’s my pitch.

I write a blog that has a couple of hundred readers from sea to shining sea.  I’m a woman, I dislike domestic violence, just the other day I took my kids to their pediatrician, I am a big fan of teachers, I love my kids’ school psychologist, and my friends who are lawyers.   I’m Catholic and have friends of all faiths, some with no faith at all.  I like movies and love Bruce Springsteen.  I live in a county and sometimes buy nail polish at drug stores.  I read some of those bad-guy newspapers.

A friend of mine, a former teacher in fact, suggested that if I ask you nicely, you might consider adding me to your list?  It would be an honor.  Even just to be nominated.  Rest assured that I will make sure the word gets out.  I know some graphic designers, so I could perhaps even get a badge for my blog made, that would link back to your website.  Win/win.

Thanks for your consideration,


So far, just a robot response, but if there’s more, I’ll certainly let you know.

====================================Thank you very much for contacting NRA-ILA. While we review all messages, due to the volume of emails we receive, we are not always able to individually respond to every message. For the latest information and news, please visit

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  1. FBI agent Neeley: Congratulations, you just made number four on the FBI most wanted list.
    Nico Toscani: Four? I wanna be number one.
    FBI agent Neeley: The day is young.
    –Above the Law

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