Nine twelve

We walked out of our cocoons on 9/12, individually and collectively, blinked against this harsh new light. The only thing left to do was the answer one short question, “What now?”

Like any hundreds and millions of other Wednesdays – full schedules of classes and meetings; appointments and grocery lists. The mundane decisions of what to wear and what to cook for dinner felt like questions asked for the first time, as if we could no longer move through the check boxes of our to do day, as if we could no longer trust gravity to work or the ground to be under our feet.

Now twelve years on, we still glue ourselves to the images of planes crashing, towers falling, of fires and chaos. Clinging to the word hero until it stops meaning anything. Stirring the darkest of our passions. Covering ourselves with a darkness of the ash. Of course and always, the harsh light will follow.

How do we analyze 9/12? I wish we had the fervor, the will, the passion to revisit that day too.

What each of us did, no longer what had been done to us, but how we responded to that trick question, “What now?”

2 thoughts on “Nine twelve”

  1. On 9/11 it dawned on me, sadly for the 1st time, that there was seemingly a tradeoff between freedom and security. Surely the people who founded this country had given this some thought, I figured. So, in the following few days, I began digging into what they had to say on the matter. It was during this period that, for the 1st time, I read the Declaration and Constitution from start to finish. And then for the 2nd time…

  2. Today is like the day after a hangover from a night out from hard partying so to speak, we’re still recovering and reeling from what happened the night before. What makes this year more significant is how this govt. is trying to engage itself in yet ANOTHER war with another Middle-Eastern nation, one that they’re supplying rebels with weapons, the exact same thing the CIA did with Al-Qaida back in the ’80s as well as train them. Jeez how history continues to repeat itself.

    The more things change the more they remain the same indeed.

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