October Eve

Cancer exacted a heavy toll from me in almost every imaginable way, including co-opting my favorite month.

It ends here. I’m depinking October.

I firmly believe the days of dominance for pink ribbon Doritos are over and while I fully expect to see a wall of pink ribbon Mike’s Hard Lemonade at my local Kroger soo2015-09-30 07.16.46n, I feel it losing its grip. On society. On me.

So these are my colors this month, along with maybe some orange and deep reds and purples.

But for reference, I am linking to previous pink ribbon debunking from these pages.

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I don’t plan to take on such an epic project this month mostly because a lot of it would be rehashed from above. I do reserve the right to rant as I see fit.

Let’s depink together.

6 thoughts on “October Eve”

  1. Yes, let’s. I haven’t decided if I’m up to writing anything. Like you, I feel like I’ve said it all at least a dozen times. I still love October, the real October, fall in New England. Pumpkins. Orange is the new pink. xo

    1. I ping pong between feeling like I’ve said it all and feeling like if I don’t keep saying it, I’m abandoning everyone who comes after me.

      Balance is an on-going issue for me. 🙂

  2. i hate pink and how pinktober has made breast cancer somewhat trite. the 2nd is my 13th anniversary of stage iv and things are getting harder physically and i just don’t have the energy to deal with stupidity of pink, save the tatas, the offers of free mammograms by men. we’re all aware now…and if research isn’t researched (ha), then none of it is for me. i’m just gonna be in my own lil corner not wearing or caring about pink.

      1. sure it’s happy anniversary! i’m still alive she said…do i deserve to be? is that the question and if so….if so, who answer….who answers? sorry….had an unpink pearl jam moment. but yes, i’m very happy to make it 13 yrs. hoping for 13 more n get these boys raised.

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