I’ve been told that I’m missing that filter which stops a person from saying anything and everything which is on one’s mind.  Restraint, I think they call it.

The Susan G Komen® Foundation (no longer for the cure, I suppose) seems to have that problem on a corporate level.

Buckets of friend chicken slathered with pink ribbons. Funding, then defunding, then refunding Planned Parenthood.  Their own line of perfume.

Now drill bits for fracking.

Hang on! No!  It’s not a story from The Onion!

baker hughes pink drill bit


Again, there has been significant and well-deserved backlash. Again, Komen’s on the run, forcing a spokesperson to say that “”the evidence to this point does not establish a connection between fracking and breast cancer.”

If nothing else, these people need a better PR team. A review process. A filter. An unpink filter.

As usual, Breast Cancer Action is the definitive source on this. Read all about it here.

Great work BCA!!!

2 thoughts on “OMG. DRILL BITS?”

  1. I saw this and blogged about it last week I find the drill bits designed to promote BC awareness for the roughnecks working on drill platforms absolutely ridiculous. They are hand painted! WTF!!!

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