One final go at it…

Yes, I know that the baby soft pinks have been carelessly tossed into the clearance section of your local grocery store, only to be replaced by shiny red and green baubles and Gifts for Everyone On Your List, but I received an email forward from a friend that I couldn’t pass up.

The Marvin Lewis Community Fund is a charitable organization associated with the Cincinnati Bengals.  I do not wish to disparage their work, I know they invest time, money, and energy into the city to the tremendous benefit of our city.


The subject line of today’s email regarding an upcoming event read:  TaTas, Tigertinis & Touchdowns.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand what this even was, but it brought up a profound juxtaposition.

Yesterday on Facebook, I saw that a friend “liked” the picture below on the American Military Facebook page.  It caught my eye because of the nature of the picture, but also the 1 like = 1 support.  I didn’t get that either so apparently as I age, I’m getting dumb.  But I digress.



The comparison I am about to make is admittedly flawed.  Please don’t jump on me for comparing my story to her story.  Just humor me.  Also, I am assuming that this woman is a soldier who lost her leg in combat.

Stick with me.

Suppose I decide I want to raise money for an organization that supports veterans who have lost a limb in service.  I decide to throw a fundraiser and call it Guarding Our Great Gams.  I am going to use a classic pin-up picture from WWII, Betty Grable in all my marketing materials.

During the fundraiser, we will have a HOT LEGS contest featuring local models and raffle off a $700 pair of Jimmy Choo‘s.  Also some $200+ BIOM hikers.  For food, I’m going to serve leg of lamb and for dessert, combat boots cookies we’ll call “Boots on the Ground” laid out in a desert made of graham crackers and brown sugar.  Desert dessert.

Would one of you try to stop me?


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