Park 8

Today we went to  Sharon Woods, one of the best known ??????????????parks in the Cincinnati area. It’s got all the bells and whistles — a water park, paddle boats, playgrounds, an historic village, a golf course — upping the appeal to a wide spectrum.

We starte2015-07-25 12.05.51d out walking the multi-use trail that circles the lake. Less wild than Shawnee Lookout, the 2+ mile trail is paved; even the lake was planned, created by the damming Sharon Creek. Their educational focus seems more geological with a lot of outreach to children.

There’s even a woolly mammoth hanging out behind a split rail fence. (with some wei??????????????rd guy).

They’ve restored natural habitat so the flora and fauna was lush – just starting to come into its late summer glory. The trail ran through prairie and woods. The lake was coming off an algae bloom. We saw cool birds and insanely cute baby ducks.


2015-07-25 11.07.03








Then came the kitsch.

We rented a pontoon boot.

My husband was/is the only competent one in the family and when he had to help all three of us figure out how to put our life jackets on, he exclaimed with frustration that we were just like the people in the One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest boat outing.

????????????????????????????The kids each got to be captain and collectively we only ran over one or two logs. On the other hand, we managed not to hit two paddle boarders (several times), lots of paddle boaters, a couple of canoes, a few duck families, the riparian stuff, and two other pontoons. We also didn’t capsize, nor did we smuggle cigars from Cuba with six-toed cats.

The eldest (closing in on driving age) managed to park the thing is the right place by the boat house at the end where the guy was waiting.

Water crafts are not my specialty.

Fun change of pace for us. I always come out of those types of places feelin??????????????g like we’ve only chosen from a few pre-programmed activities rather than forging our own way, but it’s great for what it is.

I can’t believe we’re running low on park days, but half the family will be out of town next weekend, then we’ll be on vacation. Then fall sports, then sch___.

Remember when summers lasted forever?

Ah, just trying to live in the moment, not mourn the loss of something that’s right in front of me.



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  1. Nice park pick! Haven’t been there in ages. Looks like they’ve made some upgrades since we used to hang there.

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