Park 4 (4th)

I know, I know. I’m behind, but we’ve been a-parkin.’

Last weekend was the 4th of July, so we got off schedule. Friday and Saturday mornings, we took advantage of a great perk of our Kings Island season passes – riding some rides for 1/2 hour before the park opens. We did a 4 roller coaster sweep on Friday and were home before noon. Saturday — get this — the kids were TOO TIRED to go at 9:30 to ride rides, so the hubs and I went alone. I hadn’t ridden the newest roller coaster yet, so I rectified that. The Banshee – smooth as silk but extremely disorienting.

I can’t get out of Kings Island without riding The Beast. It is by far the best roller coaster ever and don’t argue with me or I’ll just keep talking until I wear you down. It’s a special talent of mine.

Again, we were home by noon.

While Kings Island is called an amusement park, it’s not actually the interaction with nature I’d planned. In the evening, we went to the Firecracker Festival in our lovely home town.  The parade was everything you’d expect it to be except for one of the last floats. It came on like that final scene in Animal House. People were cheering because a soldier stood at attention on the float, but as it got closer, the clapping slowed as we realized it was full of tombstones, grim Bible quotes, and statements about moral decay.

Happy Nation’s Birthday.

After that, we had a few hours to kill before the fireworks, so we walked down to the river. We’ve had insane amounts of rain so the Little Miami was high. We walked around a bit, but it wasn’t so easy. We did get this picture, although I think I had to threaten to take the kids iPhones away first.

2015-07-04 20.36.46


Yah, I know.  They look thrilled.

No monkey bars because they were overrun by about 5,000 little people.

Big festivals aren’t my thing.  But I am grateful for all of the opportunities we have around us, including living so close to both this pretty river and The Beast.

We made up for our lack of adventure the next weekend by traveling out-of-town for the park. Here’s a little teaser for you.


2015-07-11 14.02.17


The next installment includes me running down the highway without shoes on looking for my phone, my deficient sense of direction, a big snake, and a whole lotta hippies.

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