Poetry Friday

Wedding Song
–Ellen Bass

Now let fear go out singing, the silver gate unlatched.
Now let the past tear loose from the branches, scarlet leaves flying.

Send the bridesmaids out at dawn
to sprinkle gold dust on the spider webs.

Let the oysters float on their briny thrones.

Drink them down with a toast to the goddess of luck.

May the wine plunge through your veins
and swim to all the heart’s giddy chambers.

You are making a home for the pilgrim to rest,
architecture of skin and bone.

Raise the rafters. Drill the well. Each room
is a lung you fill with your breath.

Let love grow wild, insist on itself.
Let it be relentless, a weed with ghost white roots.

Joy be welcome. Enter at midnight.
Shine on these lovers braided and oiled.

Sorrow be welcome. Sit at the table.
Lay down your helmet. Lay down your head.

May the hinge of this day open like wings.
May night enfold you in its great black plumage.