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This was one of my first Poetry Friday entries on Uneasy Pink and I post it today because I have a doctor’s appointment at 10:30 with the woman who first diagnosed me.   In the summer of 2008, I was getting the run-around from confused doctors and saw her for a third opinion.  She looked at me for about 30 seconds, at my films for about 5 minutes and gave me her opinion that turned out to be 100% accurate.  That’s why we call her the Cancer Ninja.  She laid out the bad news for me and let me cry in her office for about an hour.

This morning is my five-year checkup.  While it’s somewhat of a random point in time; it’s a milestone for me.  I’ve been nervous and on edge all week.  Or maybe for the last 5 or so years, depending on your POV.

Prayers, good wishes, vibes, and all other positive intentions are greatly appreciated.  I have lunch and woot-woot back to school shopping planned after the appointment, but will check in as soon as is practicable.


It comes on.
Comes on with the word,
A doctor’s word,

The doctor saying cancer.
“But do I have cancer?”
“Yes, cancer.”

Doctor has to say cancer
One more time
Before the cancer

In me
Becomes the word
I give over to it.

“What then
Will we
Do?” (A we

Quickly, to calm
The alone

Setting in
And then I

Let go of the we
“We’ll do

A regimen of chemo
And radiation and hope
For the best.” “Well, that

Sounds like something. You’re sure
I have cancer?” “Yes,
Cancer, that’s it.”

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