Poetry Friday

The Summer Ends
by Wendell Berry

The summer ends, and it is time2014-09-03 08.06.27-2
To face another way. Our theme
Reversed, we harvest the last row
To store against the cold, undo
The garden that will be undone.
We grieve under the weakened sun
To see all earth’s green fountains dried,
And fallen all the works of light.
You do not speak, and I regret
This downfall of the good we sought
As though the fault were mine. I bring
The plow to turn the shattering
Leaves and bent stems into the dark,
From which they may return. At work,
I see you leaving our bright land,
The last cut flowers in your hand.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday”

  1. dear Katie,

    this poem is beautiful in a wistful, bittersweet way. I have feared the change of season for the first time ever, without my Beloved to share so much of the wonder of it all as we walked together and found such heartfelt consolations of the rare light at twilight, the lovely feel of a green acorn so smooth as rubbed between finger and thumb, the lovely aroma and sound of leaves crunching underfoot… but as I read this poem I decided to walk all the places we walked and let those consolations soak into my being; I will feel his hand holding mine and we will re-live all that delighted us in welcoming Autumn.

    much love,

    Karen xoxo

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