Special Request

A couple of times in my life, I’ve encountered a book or a person or an idea that shifts something inside me. It’s not like those Bible days when voices thundered from clouds and bushes burned; it’s something that might have just as easily gone unnoticed and defies explanation.

One of my quiet miracles came in the form of Joe Neyer. I’ve profiled him in these pages before (here and here).

He is a prolific and profound writer and from his words I have learned that a worthy world lies beyond the battlefield; that I need not spend my entire life righting wrongs, atoning for sins, seeking revenge, counting my grudges. That peace is not only possible, but also noble and available to me.

The key to it all is acceptance. Accept what is without judgment — heck — even embrace it. Good stuff, bad stuff, in-between stuff is all just stuff mixed together with everything else in the big universal stew.

I wrote almost two years ago about Joe deciding to stop conventional treatment. Those closest to him tell me that he is on his final approach today.

Joe told me in 2013 not to assume anything about him and I certainly don’t. He is full of surprises, like still being alive despite discontinuing conventional treatment for an aggressive cancer two years ago.

But in case his time on this plane is drawing to a close, please send him and his family metta, prayers, light, love. Please send good thoughts to whomever or whatever you generally send those things.

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