Speed Bump

On the news this morning regarding yesterday’s primary election results, I heard Ohio called “a speed bump” for Donald Trump’s campaign.

So on behalf of the Speed bump State, you’re welcome, Sane America.

Remember this the next time you are on the verge of making fun of Ohio.

Now, back to my reflection on how to react to this explosion of bigotry.

A Bible story, heard this past Sunday, certainly familiar to you, and filtered through my brain.

Jesus is hanging out, drawing in the dirt, when some clever folks trying to trap him show up. They have a woman caught in the act of adultery with them, reminding Jesus that the law calls for her to be stoned to death and asking for his opinion. (my opinion of that law is a conversation for another day)

Playing it way cool, Jesus looks up, tells them that the person who has never done anything wrong should kick off the stoning. Then he goes back to playing in the dirt.

If he had yelled at them, they probably would have responded in kind, and things would have escalated. Or he could have just told them what to do.

Instead, he made them think.

Once they started thinking, they chose a different course of action which, I believe, led to a more durable change.

There are all kinds of ways you can apply this story to the current state of America, but I’d like you to think about how it applies to you – times when you’re the Jesus in this story, when you’re the woman, and when you’re one of the outraged self-righteous folks holding the weapons.

1 thought on “Speed Bump”

  1. The primary lesson that I have drawn from this reading over the yrs is that I must be careful in my judgments of or accusations about the behavior of others (e.g. bigot, intolerant, hater) because I have likely engaged in similar behavior myself. Hard to do because my own biases tend to blind me from seeing those behaviors in myself that I view as bad in others.

    Stated differently, this reading tells me to avoid hypocrisy, and to question seriously the legitimacy of my position to cast stones of judgment on others.

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