Stuart Scott, 1965-2015

This morning, my 13-year-old son asked me to come watch a show on ESPN with him. I’m more of an HGTV gal, but I said ok. I learned about an amazing man who just died of cancer – Stuart Scott.

The battle metaphor was heavily used in the piece, with a clip of Scott saying that as long as he’s still alive he hasn’t lost the battle. I spouted off — briefly — about how dying of cancer isn’t losing a battle, it’s dying of a disease that can’t be treated. Losing a battle, I explained, implies that you could have done something more.

Scott’s memorial show went on to show his acceptance speech for an award over the summer. What he said was pure gold and if you haven’t seen it, watch it below. This made me want to stand up and cheer.

I also realized something else recently. I said, I’m not losing. I’m still here. I’m fighting. I’m not losing. But I’ve got to amend that. When you die, that does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live. So live. Live. Fight like hell.

Good, good stuff in that speech about the nature of meaning in our life too. I’m sorry such a wise, grounded man is gone.


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  1. Oh no……………….

    I knew he’s been battling cancer for the past few years and hadn’t been working on ESPN because of it the past 2 yrs but this is really disheartening. It’s bad enough I’ve been hearing about either Friends of mine dying or Friends of mine having people in their lives dead or dying in the past several weeks, and that’s been depressing me alot. Now this.

    R.I.P. Stuart Scott. Without you ESPN wouldn’t have been the station that it is today, NOT Disney. He made the station ULTRA-HIP by adding that Hip-Hop flair to his colorful commentating and analysis and the network and his co-workers owe him a HUGE debt and gratitude for that alone.

    Happy New Year by the way Katie.

    1. Yes, sad, for sure. Honestly, I am not involved in sports culture, but my son is a devotee. He’s been watching the memorial all morning. Scott seems like a good man.

      Happy New Year to you too, Bootcheese.

  2. To fight is to struggle against adversity. One could also view life in this manner. If so, then to fight is to live.

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