Taboo – follow up

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern about my unorthodox crazy-med quitting.

Please be assured that I’m fine.  I am self-aware to a fault, as in, I should be thinking about someone else for a change.  I’ve also been down this path twice before.  And my supervisor/husband has known me for decades.

I wasn’t dangerous before the meds, I don’t plan to be dangerous now.

I will say that I feel great on day 7 with 99% of the meds out of my system, like a fog has lifted.  I’ve also been there before and am keenly aware that nothing is ever over.

Again, thanks for checking in, but there are bigger problems to solve.  Income inequality and the Affordable Care Act website are two that come to mind immediately.

10 thoughts on “Taboo – follow up”

  1. if you need any helpful hints for clearing the system of meds and their effects, i took myself off chemo six months ago…and feel better then ever now

      1. pm me, i have a great team of healers/thinkers outside the box i would be oh so happy to make you aware of and what they made me aware of. Has been a big help in detox and immuno-support.

  2. Wow those prescription meds aren’t no joke. I’m glad you’re ok. I as well missed yesterday’s post, I just moved recently and have been pounding the pavement and have 2 jobs lined up along with another interview tonight that I probably won’t take, no need to be greedy about it. I truly hope you recover well, we need and appreciate your musings around these parts.

    1. Hi Bootcheese! I thought you abandoned me. 🙂 Good luck on the job search. Yep, no homicides here yet, but I am trying to put the pricey yoga pant company out of business.


      1. Yeah I read that article. Good luck with that one. Maybe you should have a yoga pants burning campaign like the burning bra campaign from the ’60s, that could catch on. Only time will tell…………..

        and I would NEVER abandon you Katie, that would be rude. 😉 Happy Veteran’s Day.

  3. Oh, Katie, I so hear you on this & your previous Taboo post. I managed to get myself off of SSRIs by taking lots of Vitamin D. That wasn’t the original purpose. I was taking it because I have a serious family history of osteoporosis & D is really more important than even a calcium supplement for bone health. And my blood level was low. It was so low that even after 6 months on 1000 units of D3 a day, it was still low & I doubled the D3. Then low & behold, after a few months, I was able to stop sertraline, which I’d taken on & off for years, even before cancer, and I’ve not needed it since. Just goes to show you. Knowing you, you’ve probably got the D thing covered, but I wanted to mention it in case you didn’t. I’ve also still got to take the occasional Provigil, which was a complete godsend to help me get through the long-lasting fatigue so I could work. Still not full-time though, but 80%, and I can live on that. Nuvigil, its cousin, also works well for a lot of folks. Talk about collateral damage. The brain crap, the fatigue crap, and the financial/work challenges just go on and on. But, yes, I’m feeling much more normal these days. I also quit that damn zocor which was giving me leg cramps. And is not even especially useful anyway if you don’t have cardiac disease, which I don’t. I’d rather eat lots of oatmeal. Oy. So, most days, no meds at all. Whew…some days, I actually feel sort of normal. Amazing…

    Good luck, my friend.

    1. The gift that keeps on giving. I am so looking forward to that day when I can go to the doc and when they ask me what medications I take, my answer is NONE.

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