Two Ears, One Mouth

original_shh-wall-stickerWe are a nation dismayed by last week’s violence. People of good conscience are asking, “What do we do now?”

I don’t know the answer to that, but I know where we need to begin.

Shut up.

Theories about what actually happened in the police shootings, about what motivated the sniper in Dallas, about whose rhetoric led to this, about how politicians and public figures should be talking about one thing over the other, about how other people should live their lives, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseam.

Just shut up.

No matter where I look, I see people trying to be right instead of people trying to understand each other.

I see people wanting to prove their own hands are clean.

I see people reacting, reacting, reacting.

Stop it.

We didn’t get in this mess over night and your chosen group of defendants will survive if you refrain from copy-and-pasting your opinion all over social media for a couple of days.

In fact, I suspect your chosen group of defendants might not actually be benefiting from your esteemed, voluntary assistance.

How about you read opinions that would normally send you off keyboard warrioring and take a breath. Ask yourself this, “What can I learn from this?”

Because here’s one thing I’m absolutely sure we’ve gotten wrong – There is no such thing as two sides, as us and them.kind

There is only us.

We all want to be safe, happy, and healthy. We all want to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose to our lives.

If you move forward with that unshakable conviction – that we are all on the same team and we all want the same things out of life – we can move forward toward a better future.

Only then should we start talking again.