Two years + one month

September 2011:

2011-09-29 16.47.45

August 2013:2013-08-29 15.27.58


Different houses.  Different legs.  Same stress fracture.


5 thoughts on “Two years + one month”

  1. *in Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble voice*

    Happy An-ni-ver-sa-ree!
    Happy An-ni-ver-sa-ree!
    Happy An-ni-ver-sa-ree!


    Good gravy, she spent a year in a cast? Please don’t tell me they call her Ms. Glass in school……………:D

    1. I love that Flintsones!

      Actually, she injured one leg in 2011 (stress fracture) and the other this year (stress fracture). I’m telling ya, exercise is dangerous. Also, runners are crazy.

  2. Oh so she runs track? If not what kind of sports is she doing for her to keep getting fractures?

  3. Ahhhhh cross country…………….didn’t Jim Brown play that sport before becoming a football star back in high school or college? I think he did if I’m not mistaken so I can see how that happened. That sport sounds more violent than hockey and 2wice as ruthless……..

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